More things to come on Better UI design, example sentences for dictionary, more language lessons, especially grammar lessons. Stay tuned!

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榛仁 / 榛仁
zhēn rén

hazelnut kernel;hazelnut "meat"


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Chineselearners - the online chinese language site for people on chinese courses, in a language school, study chinese or learn mandarin in any way, also can be used by a chinese tutor as a resource for their students. Its is a place full of resources for the learner.

Chineselearners the Mandarin Chinese language site.

Welcome to, here you will find resources for learning and teaching Mandarin Chinese and English. There are both online tools and Windows desktop tools. Use the forums ot chatroom to discuss with other anything about learning Chinese or English.

Online Tools

There are many online tool and some are still being developed. Tools include Chinese - English Dictionary, stroke order diagram display page, pinyin as you type page (under development), handwriting tool (under construction), Simplified to Traditional and visa versa converter and much much more to come. Explore the site and let us know if there is anything you wish to see on the site.

Desktop Tools

There are desktop tools that incorporate many different functions; the software is written for the windows platforms and can be installed from the downloads page .

The following is a list of tools that the program has:

  • Pinyin dicitonary, simplified dictionary, traditional dicitonary, English dictionary.
  • Stroke order diagrams (adding new ones all the time).
  • Flashcard trainer.
  • Handwriting tool.
  • Radical trainer.
  • Fully functional text editor.
  • Instant translation and full translation of text from English to Chinese and Visa Versa.
  • Rollover translation of English and Chinese.
  • Automatic pinyin conversion as you type, pinyinisation of characters as well as tone mark addition.

Watch this short video on the tools click here to watch

There are also online tools such as an online Dictionary, Stroke Order Diagrams and lessons for all levels. Navigate the site and look around, give some feedback, go Chat with other users or go to our forums where you can post questions and discuss anything you want.

You can contact us on the link here for any information about this site or software


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